Lockers for passing cars service
for Hyundai dealerships

About the project

Hyundai Motor CIS has chosen Smartix lockers for automation of vehicles passing for maintenance in a contactless way. For Russian dealerships custom models of devices with compact cells and a large widescreen display are produced. Smartix locker’s software automates the whole range of tasks for inserting and picking up of car keys, and accepting cashless payments for the service.

Hyundai Motor CIS was founded in 2007 for import and distribution of Hyundai cars. As of September 2017, the Hyundai Motor CIS dealer network includes more than 140 dealerships.

Case features

Hyundai customers are suggested to use a mobile application for car service registration. The car owner signs up for the service and arrives at the chosen car dealer location. After scanning the QR code from the application on the parcel locker, the client logs into the device, verifies the requested technical service (which was previously selected in the mobile application), confirms the service and leaves the keys in the opened cell.
After the completion of the service in the mobile application, the client receives a notification and the pin code of the order. According to the terms of the project, it is possible to pay for maintenance through the application or directly at the locker with a bank card.

After confirmation of payment through the application or successful payment for the service provided through the locker, cell opens and the keys are returned to the owner. Contact with staff is excluded, and the process itself is as simple and convenient as possible for the client.


In idle mode locker displays advertising banners and Hyundai videos, which are loaded and configured in the back office of the system.


Smartix supports various options for operations, for example, classic delivery of goods or C2C forwarding. The system is very flexible and allows to implement various scenarios using a combination of built-in algorithms for the courier and the client (deposit and withdrawal), as well as integration with external customer systems — access control systems, payment systems, etc.

Centralized management

All lockers in dealerships are integrated into a single online network, which is managed through a web-based back office. Monitoring of payment transactions carried out through the devices is provided. The hardware components of the parcel locker are being monitored — operability of the locks, operability of the control module, availability of communication.


The solution was implemented in cooperation with Smartix hardware partner — TouchPlat. For project an exclusive locker model was designed according to the Hyundai requirements. It is possible to develop and manufacture any models of devices with different screen diagonal, size and set of cells, flexible design features.

Modifications of device operation scenarios are possible, which allow, for example, only receiving keys. And also of the lockers themselves — additional installation of payment devices, variability of hardware components.
In the case of Hyundai, in addition to using the basic scenario (client enters the keys into the cell, employee collects the keys, employee returns the keys, client collects the keys), Smartix implemented an external web service, on the basis of which the system makes a request to an external system to clarify the amount of payment for the service. Only after confirming the payment in the mobile application or successful payment at locker the door opens.

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