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We develop one of the best software for parcel lockers on the market. We also supply lockers from our hardware partners as part of an integrated solution when purchasing Smartix software

Who we are?

Leading company in the creation of integrated systems for parcel, storage and food lockers. Our solution meets all the needs of the dynamically developing market for delivery and storage automation
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The availability of the relevant competence of our specialists confirms the high level of technology skills and readiness to work with large-scale projects. The solution is designed to support the simultaneous operation of 10 000+ parcel lockers with more than 300 000 cells within one system
10 000 +
Parcel lockers


What is Smartix lockers:
Delivery of a separate specialized Smartix lockers automation software for an existing customer equipment's network
Wide range of different models of parcel lockers from our hardware partners with the possibility of customization and order at request

Why choose us?

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Our solution can significantly reduce customer costs
  • Support for any parcel lockers
    From various manufacturers, screen and non-screen models
  • Large variety of hardware platforms
    Intel NUC, industrial computers, Raspberry Pi
  • Using of only open source software
    OS Linux software on parcel machines and on server, Java technology, Postgresql DBMS
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Projects of any scale
  • Server installation
    For large customers sale of a license for installation on their own server. The ability to adapt and independently develop the solution.
  • Cloud software
    For small customers or for testing functionality before purchasing a license. Does not require administration, maintained and regularly updated by our specialists.
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We have the highest level of competence
  • Many years of experience
  • Large number of implemented scenarios
  • Production of parcel lockers, launch of turnkey projects


System structure

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The platform is based on a single server that provides:

  • Single space using web-based back office containing information about operations (delivery, return, forwarding, storage) and their statuses
  • Full statistics of the parcel network operation (current load, storage time)
  • Monitoring and remote management of devices network
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    Single back office support flexible configuration of delivery scenarios (storage periods, types of notifications, etc.).

    Full information is displayed in real time for each device, cell or network segment. Analytics is carried out on the average storage time of parcels, dispense operations are monitored.

    The system generates notifications for customers (package has been delivered, package is awaiting for receipt, package has been sent back to the warehouse). Overdue deliveries are also tracked.
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    Functional monitoring system ensures high-quality operation of devices. Responsible personnel are notified about the current equipment condition and malfunctions (SMS, e-mail, Telegram bot).

    Administrators react instantly to emerging instabilities. Reduced downtime equipment, increases the level of services availability and customer loyalty.
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    Online information about the state of cells is monitored — occupancy, serviceability, contamination.

    Accessibility for the services type for each cell is configured — delivery, return, rental, storage.
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    System includes a parcel locker constructor — it supports the establishment of parcel locker's modules, formation of parcel lockers from a set of parcel modules.
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    Client receives an SMS or e-mail notification with a unique code and enters the pin code through the device interface.
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    If prepayment at the parcel terminal is required, related screen opens before receiving the order.

    After successful payment the cells will be opened and the order will be picked up by the user.
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    UI styling or its complete redesign is supported.

    The parcel application interfaces adapt to any screen format.
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    Mobile application for couriers based on Android and iOS allows scanning QR codes on parcels for inserting it in the parcel lockers, as well as pick up expired parcels through the mobile application.

    Smartix supports multi-parcels — placing multiple parcels by courier in different cells and picking them up simultaneously by the client.
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  • After logging into the device interface a screen opens and the parcel's QR code is scanned
  • Based on the QR code checks are performed on server, a request is made to the parcel locker
  • Based on received data from the server cells are opened and the courier insert the parcels
  • System generate and sent parcel availability notification for the recipient
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    Parcel locker is serviced through Smartix single mobile application. Functionality available for each employee depends on the access rights configured for him in the back office. Various roles can be created:

  • Couriers performing only delivery functions
  • Cleaners who clean only dirty cells
  • Technicians restoring device operability
  • Employees with mixed access rights
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    If screenless parcel lockers are used or client wants to receive a parcel through his own mobile application, we offer a universal API, with the usage of which the customer embeds the call of these methods into his mobile application and infrastructure and the client can receive parcels.


    Automation of receiving parcels through the parcel locker's application
    Payment for orders at parcel locker and cloud fiscalization
    Notifications subsystem with sending e-mail/SMS messages to clients
    We invite you to learn more about the system capabilities, software architecture, deployment scheme, key features of the solution
    Smartix lockers
    In addition to specialized parcel locker's software we are ready to offer various locker models with standard and custom sizes of cells, screens, hardware components
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