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Parcel lockers for automating orders dispensing at Pick-Up area

About project

Since the beginning of 2022, Leroy Merlin Russia has begun developing the Pick-Up 3.0 concept, which is aimed at improving the efficiency of dispensing online and offline orders. Self-delivery zones allow clients to drive their private car into the drive-in zone at the established parking space and take the order. One of the main components of the project are parcel lockers, which speed up the issuance of orders of small and medium volumes.

Various models of lockers and the ability to produce lockers with the required cell sizes allow to dispense up to 57% of online orders, including 2 meter products weighing up to 20 kg.


Smartix parcel lockers help customers of Leroy Merlin stores receive orders in less than 1 minute, reduce queues, increase customer satisfaction up to 95% when placing orders through a parcel locker. According to a preliminary estimate of Leroy Merlin specialists, the cost optimization for dispensing 1 order is 35-40%. After debugging business processes, this ratio will grow.
In addition to the benefits for end customers, automatic lockers allow to save time for employee in the pickup area by directing him to other tasks, as well as save space in the warehouse by waiting for collected orders in locker cells.


Pick-Up 3.0 zones opened in 114 Leroy Merlin stores throughout Russia, all of them equipped with modern Smartix parcel lockers. Smartix lockers act as one of the key tools leading to a better shopping experience. According to the results of the project, the average time for issuing goods through all channels will be no more than 10 minutes, and customer satisfaction based on the net promoter score (NPS) is 85%.
Complete Pick-Up 3.0 solution, which includes reorganization of parking area for the pickup of goods and the new pick-up process is unique for the Russian market. Smartix parcel lockers are the most important component in the latest Leroy Merlin pickup points. The devices effectively automate the issuance of a continuous flow of orders, increase the level of loyalty and customer focus in accordance with the customer's business strategy.
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