Smart mailboxes for Rosbank offices

We launched one of the most modern and innovative mailboxes with remote control in Rosbank office. Smart mailbox contains slotted cells whose doors are equipped with special sensors. Each opening is recorded in the back office of the Smartix parcel lockers management system. As a result, employees receive customized notifications and the receipt of documents and their sending between Moscow offices is optimized.

Smart mailboxes for offices, residential complexes, post offices

How Smartix smart mailboxes work

The system administrator adds employees and assigns them to cells. The system supports personal cells or allows to assign one cell to a group of employees or an entire department.

Smart mailboxes for offices, residential complexes, post offices

Smart mailboxes for offices, residential complexes, post offices

To notify employees, e-mail notifications can be configured which can be sent one-time upon first inserting or each time the cell curtain is opened. If necessary, additional notifications can be sent about opening a cell door and picking up documents — can be used when a department is attached to one cell and all employees will receive notification that one of their colleagues has already retrieved all correspondence.

Smart mailboxes for offices, residential complexes, post offices

To access the cells, Rosbank employees use smart cards with number. Smart card numbers are linked to employee accounts in the back office. As a result, the relevant employees only have access to their own cell or the cell of their department. If necessary, smart cards can be limited in validity or blocked.

For the convenience of the courier, after assigning employees and departments to the cells, the names of departments or employee data are pasted onto them. At the bottom of the device there are large cells for sending correspondence between offices.

Monitoring system

The built-in online monitoring system contains complete information about the status of the smart mailbox hardware, including cell management controllers, smart card reader, communication status and much more.

Smart mailboxes for offices, residential complexes, post offices

Additionally, a technical map of the device has been implemented, which in addition to the status of the cells, contains data about the curtain with sensor (open/closed). If the curtain is blocked by a document or for another reason, the administrator will notice this in a timely manner and will be able to notify the employees responsible for the condition of the equipment.

Smart mailboxes for offices, residential complexes, post offices

Other features

Automatic mailboxes with an electronic lock are suitable for installation in post offices as post office boxes for receiving correspondence from legal entities. Remote deposit notifications optimize visits by couriers or post office employees to pick up letters.

Smart mailboxes can solve various problems for organizing document flow in enterprises. In addition to exchanging documents between departments, they can be used for employee interaction with the HR department. Installing the device at the reception will relieve the administrator’s workload of receiving and recording paper documents from clients, counterparties, etc.

Smart mailboxes are functional solution for receiving correspondence in modern residential complexes. The devices can be installed at the design stage by the developer or installed by decision of the owners or management company in ready-made residential complexes. The system can be integrated into the existing IT infrastructure of the residential complex, as a result, notifications about changes will be received in a mobile application which is already familiar to residents.


Smartix smart mailboxes are a complete, well-thought-out, functional hardware and software system that is quickly deployed, easily scaled and if necessary modified according to customer requirements.

Our company’s solution meets all the needs of organizations to automate paper document flow. Customizable operating logic allows to organize flexible linking of users with access to cells, required interaction scenarios and conditions for sending notifications when inserting and picking up.