Cooperation with Smartix — new opportunities for parcel locker manufacturers

To date, Smartix specialists have implemented a number of major projects to launch parcel locker’s networks for leading companies in the field of retail, e-commerce and delivery automation. Smartix parcel locker’s software has established itself as one of the most functional and adaptive solutions on the market. In some cases, the size of the network of devices of one customer reaches 3500+ parcel lockers and the volume of the system supports the placement of up to 100 000 parcels/goods per day.

Being one of the key developers of software for lockers in Russia and CIS, Smartix offers specialized software of its own design for installation on equipment of locker’s manufacturers. If company makes lockers from various materials and connects computer equipment, cooperation with Smartix will allow reaching even more large customers and providing them with a turnkey solution.

Smartix specialists regularly receive applications for both standard and custom projects for the production of parcel locker’s equipment with a variety of hardware requirements. The company is interested in offering the best integrated solution in collaboration with locker manufacturers and providing them with production orders.

At the same time, in the conditions of regular demand for turnkey software and hardware solutions, Smartix specialists are ready to provide manufacturers of lockers with one of the most functional software on the market. Smartix means working with customers of various scales and levels, knowing the specific needs of their end clients and avoiding the risks of developing software from scratch.

The cooperation of the locker manufacturer with the Smartix team means:

  • The widest experience of software developers and knowledge of the problems of this class systems
  • The absence of analogues in terms of the combination of functionality of software for parcel lockers and luggage storage, flexibility, adaptability, quick reorientation of software for business areas
  • No need to invest in an IT team at the initial stage — these can be significant amounts
  • No risk of receiving non-competitive, outdated, low-quality software from in-house developers
  • Quick entry into a promising market in the face of rapid development of competitors and tight deadlines. New opportunities for the equipment manufacturer

Smartix is one of the strongest teams in Russia in integrating various types of equipment — cash handling devices, controllers, electromechanical locks, etc., creating solutions based on Raspberry Pi microcomputers. Specialists actively integrate new equipment on demand.

The experience and competencies of Smartix, combined with professional manufacturers of parcel lockers, will allow the creation of a modern, competitive hardware and software system. Smartix is ready to jointly process applications from potential customers, create a finished product and expand the delivery automation market. Have an interesting offer? Let’s cooperate!