Smartix storage lockers

We are announcing the release of Smartix storage lockers software for with widest functionality for launching modern temporary storage device’s networks. The system supports remote control through the back office, includes flexible billing, setting up storage profiles, various work scenarios and wide customization options.

We also manufacture and supply lockers. We offer complete solution in the “software + hardware” format.

Storage operations

A web-based back office is used to track storage and payment transactions in real time. Administrative staff receive notifications and, if necessary, promptly respond to any situations.


The storage pricing setting uses steps of hours or minutes. For each stage there is own storage cost that is selected: for example, the first hour is 100 rubles, the second is 90 rubles, the third is 75 rubles, etc. The customer can arbitrarily set flexible tariffs for time intervals, relying on it’s own pricing.

Storage profiles

Profiles are used to combine all the parameters of a storage room, cells, their tariffs into a single setting. The system owner uses profiles to bind them to various devices on it’s network. Therefore, standard device segments or unique storage lockers are created with special tariff plans for each cell and the work logic within a single customer network.

Work scenarios

After choosing a storage tariff, the client needs to enter a phone number, receive a code via SMS and enter it in the device interface. As a result, the real phone number is confirmed and errors when entering it are excluded.

The owner of the system can choose several scenarios for the operation of the storage locker for clients — depending on enabled/disabled authorization by phone number and payment method. If the customer does not want to implement (or makes optional) authorization by phone number and SMS, the system can print PIN codes for access to cells on paper receipts without identifying customers.

Payment option is selected In the back office: full payment for a fixed storage period, partial prepayment with an extension or payment at the time of picking up the item. Depending on the selected option, the logic for choosing a storage tariff changes — screens are added with the choice of a storage period before the prepayment screen opens, or the system asks to make a payment after the storage service is provided.

During the storage process, the client may need to extend storage or gain temporary access to their belongings without picking up. The service of repeated access to the cell by PIN code is enabled by the administrator in the back office.

A new button appears in the storage locker interface. At the same time, the system checks if the client has a debt in storage time, to exclude human errors and fraud. After opening the door temporarily and closing it, the storage process and payment for it continues.

When a client tries to pick up things, the system verifies the data on the paid limit and asks to pay the debt if the limits (or prepaid time) are exceeded, after that the cell opens.

The device accepts non-cash payments through a POS terminal, fiscal document is dispensed.

If necessary, the storage locker can be used to charge mobile devices. In this case, all tariffs for service will be configured in the back office. Personal charging pricing can be used for each cell.

Multilingual support is implemented in Smartix software. The interfaces include the ability to switch languages, which is an important advantage when launching foreign projects.

Force majeure situations

POS terminal out of order or the user has run out of funds? He runs out of time and urgently needs to return his things? In this case, the client contacts the call center and the system operator activates the cell door opening without payment for the operation. The customer re-enters the PIN in the interface and pick up items.

Client do not take the item for a long time? If the system uses authorization by phone number, the administrator can contact the client and clarify the reason. Regardless the use of the system with authorization (phone number + SMS) or without (printing the PIN code on the receipt), the system administrator sees the PIN code for opening a cell in the back office. The code is transferred to the responsible person, then he will be able to extract things and release the cell in the presence of witnesses or law enforcement officers.


Smartix software for storage lockers from Soft-logic offers comprehensive functionality for launching a modern network of devices (we also produce and supplies storage lockers). All typical tasks that arise in the field of temporary storage services are solved. Our specialists also took care of possible situations faced by users, paid special attention to customer focus. As a result, customers receive advanced software suitable for operation at facilities with increased requirements for all technical and business processes.